I'm not the one behind the mask.

I had some fun with orchestral percussion and a gated synth.

The track's called "Mask." Enjoy it here.


Work those synths!

Here is my longest tune of all time, clocking in at 8:26, called "Means."

Enjoy the next eight minutes and twenty-six seconds of sound.

P.S. I will update more often soon-ish. Promise!


Dangers of a Short Life, AKA My Best Short Story Thus Far

I just wanted to share this with everyone. It's the second story I wrote for a fiction class that parodied various elements from stories in class (the cocaine being a prime example). I originally wanted to include scenes where a location from every story in class got blown up, but the story sort of became its own thing. I just re-read some of my older stuff and this is really head-and-shoulders above the rest. The unusual formatting is due to me copy-pasting it from the original OpenOffice document, by the way. Enjoy!


This is some kind of record for me.

"The Ruins" is done! I think two songs in one month used to be a herculean achievement; it's nice to know I've gotten better AND faster at it.


Another track you can't take back.

This one's called "Modern Times" and it's a bit noisy.

Hope you like it, folks.



This one's called "Fashion Update" and I hope you like it!

If you're wondering, no I didn't start and finish two songs in two days. It's been around a month or more of on-and-off work.

I finished a tune.

It's called "Symbolism" and the lyrics aren't recorded yet (like the rest of the songs). Enjoy!


Hello World

I had been thinking about starting a blog for a while, as an alternative to writing overlong comments on Rock, Paper, Shotgun posts proposing design concepts that veer off-topic. I was also inspired by almost deciding to download FlashPunk and start writing Flash games. I just read an interview with Jay Pavlina about Super Mario Crossover being his first complete game and how he went about making it. However, I read over a tutorial for writing Hello World and felt that paralysis creep over like it did in the programming class I got a 12% in (with cheating) during high school. Not to mention I've already downloaded both Unity and Construct and haven't opened either of them yet. I've owned some form of Clickteam product since I was in middle school yet I've only finished one game before I started high school that was pretty awful (and had no sound).

Why did backing out once more from actually making a game inspire me to finally start a blog? Hell if I know.

I'm working on a series of posts about design aspects of Phantasy Star Online and how to improve it, but that's a long term project. So part 1 of that might be next. Or something else. In the meantime, why not listen to some music I've written? My musician name is Networks but I don't have a mySpace or anything of the sort yet. Oops.