Doomed & Tombed

DOOMFLESH continues to doom the flesh of man in...
DOOMFLESH XI: The Talented Limitless Unstoppable Mr. Nice Guy

Who will survive?! (cue Mobile Suit Gundam episode opening theme)


Back in (with a gift, too).

"Followers", a track that has lain dormant and unfinished on my laptop for quite a while, has been finished at last.

My new AC adapter has come in. Irregular updates shall resume once more.


Back in action... and out again.

My Sitesled account wasn't letting me upload anything for a while for some odd reason. That's over with, meaning I can proudly present the next two episodes of DOOMFLESH and a new song.

DOOMFLESH IX: Must Love Universal Dog Soldiers
DOOMFLESH X: It Happened One Nightwatchmen of the Living Dead Silence

And my most recently completed song, "Hallways". I'm also in the process of co-writing a song with a friend of mine.

Thanks to the high quality of Dell's AC adapters, mine suddenly petered out on Saturday, meaning I now get by on borrowed chances to charge with the adapters of others until my new one comes in. Should be soon, but knowing Dell it could disintegrate on the way here. Until then, I'm gimped. Sorry folks.


For How Much Longer Must We Tolerate Mass Doomflesh?

DOOMFLESH VIII: I'm Not There Will Be Bloody Valentine Got Mail is done. Well, it's been done, but let's not mince words, as they don't make for very good cooking ingredients unless one of those words is "garlic" or another similar incredibly drawn-out gag that should end now.



A lot of things.

First off, here's my cover of "Sister Siam" by The Whip that I wrote as part of my girlfriend's Christmas present. I wanted to wait on uploading it to keep it special, y'know.

Next up, I've been fussing about what to put up on the blog to keep it interesting. I've been reticent to post anything non-games/music related since this was started specifically to be about games and music. However, I've been writing a short screenplay series as part of the Screenwriters Club on campus and figured that having any kind of weekly update that gives readers something interesting to chew on beats not updating at all.