Work those synths!

Here is my longest tune of all time, clocking in at 8:26, called "Means."

Enjoy the next eight minutes and twenty-six seconds of sound.

P.S. I will update more often soon-ish. Promise!


  1. Sid, nice. Your stuff continues to improve.

    (If only the fonts on your web page could evolve too and not be tiny tiny versus big giant on Firefox. I don't know what that's all about.)

  2. Better now? I think the updates to Blogger's design functions made the page look different for me compared to the rest of the internet.

    And thanks!

  3. It's better, although I still have to zoom up the font sizes with Firefox, but it's consistent now, the only thing that sticks out is this comment input box which has gigantofont compared to the rest.

  4. Turns out I had a minimum font size set in Firefox that was making everything look bigger than what I set.

    My blog is now human-friendly. Thanks, HM!

  5. Your page fonts are now commensurate with the rest of the internet! Cool!