Covert means shoot men in the face: WinBack (PS2)

WinBack: Covert Operations on the PS2 is an update of a Nintendo 64 game of the same name- a third-person cover-based shooter, but one from 1999. It improves the graphics and adds mediocre Japanese voice acting and awful English voice acting.

It's apparently set in a world where the ability to jump is nonexistent. At least, that's what the architecture and traps imply.

It's not a horror game, but the black guy dies first. Like a chump.

Your main character is named Jean-Luc Cougar. Another teammate is named Keith Birdy. There are (sadly) no animal puns in this game.


Fame today, gone... hopefully never.

Freshly-minted game historian Joel Goodwin of Electron Dance has put up a video demonstration of how the nuclear reactor sim SCRAM plays. I wrote some original music for it, and I'll probably do it again. And then I'll do it yet again.

And then, one more time. Or, to throw you off, up to seventy-eight more times.

Watch it, is what I'm saying.


The Return?

After fifty billion years of inactivity, I do think it's high time to get back to on the internet presence/contribution bandwagon.

Speaking of bands, I finished another song recently. It's called DM Assassin, named by a good friend of mine who I'm playing D&D with. It should be noted that neither she nor I are assassins and we harbor no ill will towards our hilarious DM.

A review of mine for Film International (whom I'm interning with over summer to finish out my film studies degree) will be published relatively soon. I'll be sure to link it when it's up.

Relevant articles WILL happen!


What's transpired.

My Hotmail account was compromised recently, so I've switched to Gmail. Unfortunately, I can't switch my login for this blog to Gmail for some bizarre reason, so if I feel like it's going to be a problem, this blog may see a reset.

Also, I've practically graduated college. I say practically since I have an internship that I need to finish to take care of my last 4 credit hours. So there's that.


End it now to start it over.

My second screenwriting course ended last week, so I've decided to upload the results. If I'm to go any further, I'll probably need to do a rewrite. I also need to restructure the story a bit. However, since it's as done as it's going to be for quite a while...

Enjoy the first act of The Unlucky.


Finale of the Flesh.

The first season of DOOMFLESH reaches its conclusion. It certainly happens.

The next installment may be longer, maybe up to a fifteen-pager.


Misfortune + Body = DOOMFLESH

Did you open up the web browser of your choice this morning and expect zero fresh screenplays to read? TOO BAD.

DOOMFLESH XIII: The Hardboiled Ninja Assassin Killer Elite is here to murder your expectations.

Oh, and... enjoy, I guess.


Doomed & Tombed

DOOMFLESH continues to doom the flesh of man in...
DOOMFLESH XI: The Talented Limitless Unstoppable Mr. Nice Guy

Who will survive?! (cue Mobile Suit Gundam episode opening theme)


Back in (with a gift, too).

"Followers", a track that has lain dormant and unfinished on my laptop for quite a while, has been finished at last.

My new AC adapter has come in. Irregular updates shall resume once more.


Back in action... and out again.

My Sitesled account wasn't letting me upload anything for a while for some odd reason. That's over with, meaning I can proudly present the next two episodes of DOOMFLESH and a new song.

DOOMFLESH IX: Must Love Universal Dog Soldiers
DOOMFLESH X: It Happened One Nightwatchmen of the Living Dead Silence

And my most recently completed song, "Hallways". I'm also in the process of co-writing a song with a friend of mine.

Thanks to the high quality of Dell's AC adapters, mine suddenly petered out on Saturday, meaning I now get by on borrowed chances to charge with the adapters of others until my new one comes in. Should be soon, but knowing Dell it could disintegrate on the way here. Until then, I'm gimped. Sorry folks.


For How Much Longer Must We Tolerate Mass Doomflesh?

DOOMFLESH VIII: I'm Not There Will Be Bloody Valentine Got Mail is done. Well, it's been done, but let's not mince words, as they don't make for very good cooking ingredients unless one of those words is "garlic" or another similar incredibly drawn-out gag that should end now.



A lot of things.

First off, here's my cover of "Sister Siam" by The Whip that I wrote as part of my girlfriend's Christmas present. I wanted to wait on uploading it to keep it special, y'know.

Next up, I've been fussing about what to put up on the blog to keep it interesting. I've been reticent to post anything non-games/music related since this was started specifically to be about games and music. However, I've been writing a short screenplay series as part of the Screenwriters Club on campus and figured that having any kind of weekly update that gives readers something interesting to chew on beats not updating at all.


A vote for mouselook.

I'm in the middle of reading a short essay by Nathaniel Dorsky called Devotional Cinema for my senior seminar film studies course. It's mostly full of what I'd charitably refer to as "wank" so far; Dorsky fails to take a direct stance out of what seems to be fear of contradicting himself.

However, he makes an interesting point about camera movement that made me think of the arguments between looking in, say, an FPS with the mouse versus an analog setup.


Post-Galactic One-Upmanship

Harbour Master has posted the first part of his Neptune's Pride diary. If you are not he, do read it.

Also if you are not he, comment!


Every Robot Pilot Needs Theme Music

Per Harbour Master's request, here are all the tunes I wrote for "Let's Go, Avalanchier!" Note that they do cut off suddenly; all of them were longer than they needed to be as it was.

Avalanchier Theme
Looking Back
Avalanche Buster


Let's Go, Avalanchier!

Here's my final animation I made for my Modes of Animation Production class. I'm most proud of the music, which didn't get much time to play out due to the short length of the animation. The present-day scenes' music is meant to sound like Sega Genesis (or Mega Drive, if you ain't a gosh-darn American) music, something I've gotten more into due to Hardcore Gaming 101's article about KGB's FM synth-driven music.

Let's Go, Avalanchier!


Death, Diplomacy & WEAPONS RESEARCH

Last summer, I was invited to a game of Neptune's Pride arranged by Second Person Shooter. In short, Neptune's Pride is a game about CONQUERING SPACE in real-time. You want a fleet to jump to a planet? Set the order, wait 30 minutes, and watch 'em go. Alternatively, change your mind in less than 30 minutes if something comes up (it will).

If you want to see what a complete playthrough from multiple perspectives looks like, Rock, Paper, Shotgun will lead the way. If you want a quick summation of what our game of Neptune's Pride felt like, Harbour Master has you covered. If you want my personal account, read on...


In 2011...

...I will begin regularly updating this blog with posts related to this blog's "about" section instead of tooting my own horn.

Happy New Year!