A lot of things.

First off, here's my cover of "Sister Siam" by The Whip that I wrote as part of my girlfriend's Christmas present. I wanted to wait on uploading it to keep it special, y'know.

Next up, I've been fussing about what to put up on the blog to keep it interesting. I've been reticent to post anything non-games/music related since this was started specifically to be about games and music. However, I've been writing a short screenplay series as part of the Screenwriters Club on campus and figured that having any kind of weekly update that gives readers something interesting to chew on beats not updating at all.

Thus, I present to you both the screenplay for my Bruceploitation parody short "Throne of Fight & Demise" as well as my absurd comedy screenplay series DOOMFLESH.

DOOMFLESH started as a short script for a camera workshop/exercise that the film club I'm part of put on to train our new members. I workshopped it for a laugh in one of the Screenwriters Club meetings and got enough of a reaction to prompt me to write more. It's become a weekly series, which translates to weekly updates for this blog.

Dramatis Personae:
DOOMFLESH II: For A Few Cruise Controls More
DOOMFLESH III: My Big Fat Point Break Inception
DOOMFLESH IV: Crouching Gataca, Hidden Crank Je T'aime & Videotape
DOOMFLESH V: P.S. I, Robot U-57Once
DOOMFLESH VI: City Of Lost In Translation Where Eagles Death Race
DOOMFLESH VII: Iron Nowhere Leprechaun Boyz In Da Hood

That's all for this week. I have one solid games-related article stewing right now, but my current academic workload will probably put that off for another week or so. Enjoy!

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