All the honey's at the hive.

The repost of my short thoughts on the merits of mouselook has attracted some interesting discussion on the RPS Writer Hive forum.

Find out what saccades are today!


  1. I had meant to comment on your mouselook piece but, as you know, I was snowed under by The Aspiration at the time.

    So I meant to high-five you at the time and say nice work. It's an interesting take on the physical significance of mouselook.

    I cannot live without my mouselook. That's why old 3D DOSBox games are so hard to get into. Ultima Underworld - forever out of reach.

    Glad you got some play on the Writer Hive. A damn sight better than when <a href="http://rockpapershotgun.com/rpsforum/topic.php?id=2592>I made an appearance</a>.